International Emergency Department Leadership Institute

IEDLI faculty join us each year from academic and medical institutions all over the world. In 2021, faculty members from across Europe and the United States will teach in the Leadership Essentials, CEDE Certification, Continuing Executive Education, and ED Design courses during IEDLI.


Philip D. Anderson, MD, CEDEDirector, International Collaborations, Department of Emergency Medicine

Program Director, Fellowship in Emergency Department Leadership and Management

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Boston, Massachusetts, USA                 

Dr. Philip D. Anderson, MD, FACEP, is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Harvard Medical School and the Director of International Collaborations for the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) in Boston. He also serves as a Program Director for the Fellowship in Emergency Department Leadership and Management at BWH. 

He has advised governmental organizations, academic and private healthcare institutions on the development and optimization of emergency care delivery systems in over a dozen countries including Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Italy, Honduras, Panama, Armenia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. He has also served as an advisor to the United Nations Disaster Management Training Program and the World Health Organization.

Dr. Anderson has published over 30 original articles, reviews, chapters and books on Emergency Medicine topics. His most recent textbook, “Emergency Department Leadership and Management: Best Principles and Practice” was published by Cambridge University Press in 2015. 

Dr. Anderson is a frequent lecturer at international emergency medicine scientific conferences on topics related to ED operations and management.


Emergency Physician, AZ Maria Middelares Hospital

Ghent, Belgium

Dr. Philippe Heerinckx graduated as a medical doctor in 2001 at the University of Leuven (Belgium), and got his master degree in Emergency Medicine in 2010. During his training, he was a resident in the University hospital of Leuven (Belgium), the Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Hospital in Aalst (Belgium) and the University Hospital of Lausanne (Switzerland). He got a master degree in disaster management in 2008 and a master degree in hospital management and healthcare policy in 2012 (both at the University of Leuven).

He was head of the emergency department of the AZ Delta Hospital in Roeselare (Belgium) from 2012 to 2015 and is currently working as an emergency physician in the AZ Maria Middelares Hospital in Ghent (Belgium).

He is also working as an independent consultant in improving clinical operations in the emergency department and hospital-wide and is medical adviser for Auriex, a company providing medical-tactical training to police and armed forces.

He entered his first IEDLI course in Leuven in 2012, and followed the subsequent IEDLI advanced, certification and refresher courses in Florence, Berlin and Barcelona and Amsterdam. He was a mentor in the CEDE certification course in Amsterdam.

His special interests are value-based healthcare, patient flow management, team work, interdisciplinary collaboration, negotiations, change management, and improvement processes.


Senior Vice President, Strategic Communication

Chief Communication Officer

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Erin McDonough, MBA, is the senior strategic communication executive at Brigham Health. She drives comprehensive communication and marketing activities, advancing the Brigham’s mission and bringing stories of inspirational achievements in care, research, education and community partnerships to people around the world. McDonough directs sophisticated content and creative services, digital, media and social media, as well as expert marketing programs across a wide variety of platforms and channels, including highly regarded publications, media outreach, websites, social media, advertising and brand development strategies.

Under McDonough’s leadership, BH appears in more than 50,000 news stories annually across the globe, and garners more than 95 million Facebook and Twitter impressions each year. A special passion for McDonough is fostering a spirit of warmth and connection among BH’s 18,000 employees. By making the large institution feel like a tight-knit family, McDonough nurtures collaborative innovations and helps the hospital community respond with compassion and strength in difficult times. McDonough’s passion for community building carries over into her volunteer activities. McDonough was honored with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester’s New England Women’s Leadership Award, which recognizes influential women who have found ways to give back. McDonough was also profiled in the book “Boston, Inspirational Women” by Bill and Kerry Brett, which features women making a difference in Boston and the world.

McDonough has devoted her professional career to advancing health care leadership and communications, and prior to joining BWH in 2010, she held senior positions at New England Baptist Hospital, CareGroup, and St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center. She holds a bachelor’s degree and MBA from Northeastern University.


Chief, Emergency Medicine

South Shore Hospital

South Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Dr. Tracy is currently the Chief of Emergency Medicine at the South Shore Hospital. He served as chief resident at the Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency (HAEMR) and, from 2003-2007, was the assistant program director of the residency. In 2005, Dr. Tracy became the Director of Operations at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and subsequently served as Chief of Emergency Medicine at Nashoba Valley Medical Center and Chief of Emergency Medicine at Whidden Memorial Hospital, Cambridge Health Alliance. Dr. Tracy lectures internationally on emergency department design and operations.


President, Saudi Society of Emergency Medicine

Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine, COM-J, KSAU-HS

Consultant Trauma, Emergency Medicine, King AbdulAziz Medical City

National Guard Health Affairs

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Wazzan is an emergency medicine consultant and traumatologist, and he chairs the quality and patient safety department at King Abdulaziz Medical City in Jeddah. Dr. Wazzan is the president of the Saudi Society of Emergency Medicine and assistant professor of Emergency Medicine and Trauma at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Ministry of National Guard health affairs, Jeddah, KSA. He is also a member of the scientific board and examination committee of emergency medicine in the Saudi board of emergency medicine under the umbrella of the Saudi commission for health specialties. 

Dr. Wazzan has vast experience in emergency department leadership, management and patients’ flow. He is a certified emergency department director by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), Emergency Department Director’s Academy (EDDA), and a Certified Emergency Department Executive (CEDE), as well as a faculty member at the International Emergency Department Leadership Institute.

Dr. Wazzan has a great experience in process management and reengineering in the healthcare field, mainly at the micro processing level. His experience in quality and emergency medicine made him one of the authors of the third edition of the national standards book of the Central Board of Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI). He has been invited to speak and chair sessions at many different national, regional, and international symposia and conferences. 


President and Senior Emergency Department Designer

Huddy HealthCare Solutions, LLC

Jon Huddy has designed over 300 emergency departments across the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South America and Australia. He is considered the world-wide leader in emergency department design. Huddy is an architect and president of Huddy HealthCare Solutions, an international healthcare consulting firm focused on the specialty of ED planning and design. Huddy consults with health ministry leaders, national health systems, regional health networks, hospitals, physicians, and local architects to deliver an unmatched depth of ED design experience to each project. His focus is on working with care givers to define lean operational flow and to create high-performance design solutions. Huddy has written numerous articles and spoken to many international audiences. He has authored two editions of Emergency Department Design: A Practical Guide to Planning for the Future published by the American College of Emergency Physicians. 


Emergency Physician

Head of the Emergency Department

AZ Sint-Maarten

Mechelen, Belgium

Dr. Karolina Kindt graduated as a medical doctor in 1998 at the University of Leuven in Belgium. She earned a masters degree in Family Medicine in 2000, a masters degree in Tropical Medicine in 2001 (Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium), and a masters degree in mass casualty and disaster management in 2003 (at the University of Leuven).

Previously, she worked as an emergency physician in the Imelda hospital in Bonheiden, Belgium. 

Dr. Karolina Kindt is also an APLS (Advanced Pediatric Life Support) instructor since 2006, with a special interest in managing good children’s care (traumatic and non traumatic) at the ED and communication with children and parents in all circumstances. 

She got her master degree in Emergency Medicine in 2009 and since then she has been head of the Emergency Department of the AZ Sint-Maarten Hospital in Mechelen. At this time, this hospital still runs in 3 sites with 2 Emergency Departments. In the middle of October 2018, the whole hospital will move to one new building. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a great challenge, and an opportunity to show how important good leadership is. 

Dr. Kindt earned a masters degree in Health Policy and Hospital Management in 2017. 

Dr. Kindt entered her first IEDLI course in Leuven in 2012, and followed the subsequent IEDLI advanced, certification, and refresher courses in Florence, Berlin, and London. 

Her special interests are team management, change management, how to keep healthy work-life balance in a team, children in the ED, communication skills, interdisciplinary collaboration, and supervising the trainees.


ED Consultant, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust UK

National Professional Advisor for the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Mr. Premachandran is an ED Consultant at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust UK. Alongside this, he is the National Professional Advisor for the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Previously, he was the Director of Medical Education and Chief of Service for Urgent Emergency Care at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, one of the busiest emergency departments in the UK.


Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Professor, Harvard Medical School and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Director, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Harvard University

Dr. VanRooyen, MD, MPH is the Chairman of Emergency Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He is a Professor at both Harvard Medical School and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and regularly teaches courses on humanitarian operations in war and disaster. 

Dr. VanRooyen is also the Director of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative at Harvard University and the Lavine Family Professor of Humanitarian Studies as part of the Humanitarian Academy at the Harvard School of Public Health. Under his direction, the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative has provided technical support services to the UN and NGOs in most major conflict areas and disasters, including the Syria crisis and the West African Ebola response. 

Dr. VanRooyen has worked as an emergency physician and health specialist in over thirty countries affected by war and disaster, including Somalia,  Bosnia, Rwanda, Iraq, North Korea, Darfur-Sudan, Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has worked in the field as a relief expert with several non-governmental organizations, including CARE, International Medical Corps, Save the Children, Oxfam, Physicians for Human Rights and Samaritans Purse International Relief. He has been a policy advisor to several organizations, including the World Health Organization and UN OCHA. He serves on the Board of Overseers for the International Rescue Committee. Domestically, Dr. VanRooyen worked with the American Red Cross at the site of the World Trade Center in New York on September 11th, 2001. He also helped to coordinate the American Red Cross public health response to Hurricane Katrina and oversaw the development of a 400 bed surgical field hospital in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. He has worked as a physician with the US Secret Service, NASA, and with the Indian Health Service. 


Massachusetts General Hospital

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Brian J. Yun is the Medical Director of the Emergency Department Observation Unit and the Associate Director of Clinical Operations of the Emergency Department at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). He is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Harvard Medical School. After finishing his residency in emergency medicine at the Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency, Dr. Yun completed an Emergency Department Administration Fellowship at MGH. 

Dr. Yun has expertise in developing protocols and running rapid-cycle process improvements. He performs research and implements initiatives that aim to improve ED patient throughput, decrease costs, and improve appropriate utilization of diagnostic imaging in the ED. His work includes helping to create the MGH Home Hospital Program, which seeks to provide hospital-level care in the comfort of a patient’s home.


Senior Nurse Consultant

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Department of International Emergency Medicine

President, NMB Global Leadership, LLC

Nancy Bonalumi has had an extensive career as a nurse leader, educator and consultant. She has been published extensively, as well as being an in-demand lecturer with years of presenting to diverse audiences on topics ranging from clinical care to leadership. Nancy has worked in emergency care environments ranging from small rural hospitals to leading academic medical centers. In any setting, she is viewed as an engaging, thoughtful leader. She calls upon cumulative experiences to draw audiences into her presentations, and eagerly shares her love of learning to instill fresh insights to participants. In addition to these accomplishments, Nancy was the 2006 president of the Emergency Nurses Association and is the president of NMB Global Leadership, LLC, an international healthcare consulting organization.


Vice Chair, Strategic Partnerships

Chief, International Emergency Medicine and Humanitarian Programs

Department of Emergency Medicine

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dr. Kayden is Vice Chair and Chief of the Division of International Emergency Medicine and Humanitarian Programs in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She also serves as the Director of the Lavine Family Humanitarian Studies Initiative at the Humanitarian Academy at Harvard.

She is on the editorial board of the Journal of Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness and is editor-in-chief of the book Emergency Department Leadership and Management: Best Principles and Practice. Dr. Kayden has worked to improve emergency medical systems, humanitarian aid and disaster response in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.


Vice Chair and Chief Emergency Medicine,

Brigham Health and Massachusetts General Hospital

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dr. Lobón attended medical school at the University of Cantabria Faculty of Medicine in Santander, Spain. He completed his residency training in Emergency Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical and Beth Israel Medical Centers in New York. After residency, Dr. Lobón joined Medicines du Monde and was stationed in Kenya and Somalia as a field physician and chief medical officer for East Africa operations.

Dr. Lobón is a course director for the International Emergency Department Leadership Institute, developing and teaching the master-level course (Continued Executive Education), which explores topics central to the global challenges in Emergency Department management and leadership and formulates future strategies for the advancement of Unscheduled Emergent Care. Dr. Lobón is the past president of the Massachusetts College of Emergency Physicians (MACEP). Dr. Lobón has extensive experience in Emergency Medicine operations and management with several peer-reviewed published articles. Most recently, Dr. Lobón’s area of management and research has focused on the integration of transitions of care across health care systems from community to academic centers working collaboratively with other disciplines and leaders to rationalize efficiency and financial models of population management.


Chief, Emergency Department and EMS

Louis Pasteur Hospital

Secretary, International Council of French National Society of Emergency Medicine (SFMU)

Chartres, France

Dr. Revue began his medical studies at the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris where he subsequently completed a residency in emergency medicine. In 1996, he specialized in disaster medicine at Henri Mondor University-Hospital, followed by a specialization in toxicology at Fernand Widal-Lariboisière Hospital. Dr. Revue research and study areas of interest include hyperbaric scuba-diving accidents, trauma imaging, and ED management. He has been involved with the international development of emergency medicine for over 10 years, working on projects all over Europe, as well as in Vietnam, Dubai, and New Caladonia. Dr. Revue is an active member of the European Society of Emergency Medicine, serving as chair of the website committee.


Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Neskey Family Professor of Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dr. Walls is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and former Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, as well as the Neskey Family Professor of Emergency Medicine at Harvard Medical School. He is a noted leader in emergency medicine education and administration and has received national awards for his teaching and academic leadership from ACEP, the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. He has been a visiting professor at over 30 academic medical centers and is a leading scholar in emergency medicine.

Dr. Ron Walls’ is a stock shareholder in the Airway Management Education Center. The Airway Management Education Center runs various “The Difficult Airway Courses” which teach emergency airway management. This course is a clinical course focused solely on emergency airway management. This poses no conflict of interest because IEDLI does not receive funding from the Airway Management Education Center and it is not classified as a leadership and management course.